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Our Products

Heaven Health in Fort Collins, Colorado offers breakthrough products in the skin care and wellness industries. Learn more 

 about them by reading below.


SEACRET products are formulated from concentrated minerals in the salt and mud from the Dead Sea in Israel. SEACRET skin care has been clinically proven and tested to contain the purest and finest all-natural ingredients for instant results and skin-regeneration at a cellular level.

SEACRET skin care products provide instant results in the treatment of severe skin conditions and irritations, including aging skin, compared to other skincare products. At the same time, these products can be used as part of your daily skincare regimen and are suitable for all skin types.

These products are effective, hypoallergenic, and free of side effects. SEACRET products have been proven as a global solution to all skin-related issues, both on a topical and cellular level. SEACRET products relieve aching muscles, reduce stress, activate the blood system, and nourish the skin. A Symphony for your skin, directly from the Dead Sea!

A Partner of L’Oreal

SEACRET is a partner of L’Oreal Cosmetics & skincare, the largest and most respected manufacturer of skin care and cosmetic products in the world. SEACRET's collaboration with L'Oreal is a unique and competitive advantage for the business. L’Oreal manufactures each and every SEACRET product directly from the shores of the Dead Sea in Israel.

L’Oreal Cosmetics owns more than 500 brands including; RedKen, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Maybelline, Matrix, Pureology, SkinCeuticals, Lancôme, and many more.

L'Oreal wanted to have a complete and proven skin care line of Dead Sea minerals of their own and wanted to buy SEACRET, the company. However, "SEACRET wasn’t for sale" as the owner and founder, (Izhak Ben Shabat) said, "And they never would be for sale." 

L’Oreal’s president then asked if they could partner with SEACRET and manufacture their SEACRET products exclusively for SEACRET to be a part of what SEACRET is doing, by revolutionizing the industry of skincare. With both parties signing a non-compete agreement, L'Oreal and SEACRET work together while remaining as separate companies.

L’Oreal is not doing this with any other company. In August 2017, the CEO of L’Oreal Israel has honorably, and in good standing, resigned from L’Oreal to be part of SEACRET as the President of International Affairs. This in itself shows the integrity, quality, and the results of SEACRET products. The former L’Oreal CEO now uses nothing but SEACRET products, and remains partnered with L'Oreal.

Unique Products and Services

Our greatest competitive advantage lies in the uniqueness of our products and services, including a near future “Heaven Health on Wheels” which will help individuals who cannot leave home to still get the care they need. We have ensured that we have selected the best and most valuable products and services for all our customers.

Since we use these services and products ourselves, we are a product of the product. Heaven Health could be a brand in itself, branding this power "Trinity of Wellness" together.

12 Reasons SEACRET Products are Superior to the Competition

  1. SEACRET is a partner of the world’s largest and most respected manufacturer of skin care and cosmetic products.

  2. It contains the purest all-natural ingredients. All ingredient sources are certified and documented.

  3. Ingredients such as raw mineral-rich salt and mud are directly sourced from the shores of the Dead Sea.

  4. Our products were clinically and personally proven and tested to be effective.

  5. We offer patented and proprietary products with other patents that are pending. This means that nobody else is doing what SEACRET is doing. The RECOVER product (age-defying nano technology) has four patents on it and three other pending patents, for a total of seven patents.

  6. We offer health, nutrition, and fitness in a proprietary and patent-pending gel form, which means nobody else is doing what SEACRET is doing.

  7. Our product contains concentrated Dead Sea minerals and mud in their purest raw form. The ingredients were extracted and manufactured into SEACRET products right near the shores of the Dead Sea in Israel by the L’Oreal/SEACRET manufacturing plant.

  8. We are true and honest. We have before and after instant results with pictures to prove it! Our owners and their families are testimonies, as well as everyone who uses these products.

  9. You can expect instant results in the first application in a matter of minutes with every product! Our products offer permanent, long-lasting results.

  10. It is effective for the treatment of a vast quantity of severe skin conditions and irritations, including aging skin. The Age-Defying line is clinically proven to reduce and eliminate wrinkles and facial lines.

  11. The natural ingredients in all products are openly displayed on the website with colorful pictures of the plant and seed extracts used. The natural effect of the plant and for what reason a particular ingredient is used are written on the packaging of the product.

  12. We offer a full money-back guarantee on all products, whether used (30 days) or unused (4 months).

Happy Lucky’s Tea
Come and Experience Heavenly Comfort in a Cup

Be Well Herbal Blend

Whether you’re fighting the symptoms of the flu or strengthening your immune system, this is the tea for you. It is a fine blend of herbs, flowers, roots, and peels formulated to soothe the senses. Ginger root and echinacea are just some of the ingredients that make this tea blend perfect for that much-needed wellness boost.

Vitalitea Herbal Blend

Reenergize your mind and body with this herbal tea blend. This tea is infused with health-boosting herbs, rosehip, and hibiscus, and it features a well-balanced flavor.

 * All Healthy Tea Blends are in 2oz. Sealed Bags - $9 /each
 * Heaven Health Custom Tea Blend (2oz.) - $9 /each

Cosmic Cold Herbal Blend

When you find yourself dealing with the dreaded flu symptoms, brew a blend of Cosmic Cold. It contains yarrow, feverfew, elder berry, elder flower, red clover, rosehip, and other ingredients that help you recover faster.

Although it has a slight bitter taste, you won’t notice it since you’re taste buds are down, too. Once you taste the bitterness in your tongue, you’re finally getting better.

Koala Bear Nasal Care

When you have a runny nose, have a sip of Koala Bear Nasal Care. This tea blend has mentholyptus action with notes of citrus and licorice. The brew and its aroma will surely help you recover faster.

Drink all four herbal blends daily and give your immune system the boost it needs!

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