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Your Body Healing Naturally Is the Only True Heaven Health

Heaven Health is Now Mobile!
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Revive. Regenerate. Strengthen.

Heaven Health in Fort Collins, Colorado has incorporated a 3-in-1 Health and Wellness Center that offers innovative and unique services and products targeted at improving the health, strength, mind/body alignment and well being, with lasting results of mind/body health for each and every client.

We help increase the energy, vibration and frequency levels of the body on the cellular level and activate the Lymph system to move and flush toxins out of body for elimination, so the body is able to naturally heal itself of sickness and disease, greatly improving health and well-being.

Heaven Health offers both services and products designed to energize and regenerate the body and rejuvenate the skin. We feature the following amazing services and products:

  • X’TRACT - A unique and proprietary, hands-on lymphatic cleansing technique that promotes the body to naturally and more efficiently, eliminate toxins and impurities as it was intended, by activating, moving and flushing the Lymphatic system in a focused and direct approach, appropriately nicknamed “Oil Change for the Body”. Provides elimination of emotional and physiological toxins on the cellular level.

  • BioChargerNG - A highly innovative, proven technology that stimulates health at all levels and strengthening in the body by non-intrusively increasing the energy, vibration and frequency of the body on the cellular level. This technology is considered by Dr. Oz and other doctors and scientists as "The Medicine of the Future", approved by the FDA for high risk non-union/non-fusion bone healing and muscle stimulation, depression & anxiety in 2006, and brain cancer in 2011, and the FDA reclassified and approved these devices for all forms of wellness therapies in 2015.

  • SEACRET - high-quality, natural skin care products utilizing the purest concentrated minerals and mud from the Dead Sea in Israel. Transforms your skin on the cellular level due to the healing and therapeutic minerals from the Dead Sea. Amazing!

Our SEACRET products and X’TRACT service are first of their kinds in the health and wellness centers of today and clinical industry. Meanwhile, BioChargerNG makes for a new standard in wellness centers for the reason that there is no other company that matches this proven formula of services and products, which we rightly call “Trinity of Transformation.” 

There is no other skin care company that uses concentrated minerals from the Dead Sea at the level that SEACRET does. Heaven Health has harnessed these natural skin care products into our business as a "Symphony of Health."

The future attractions of a "Full Mobile Heaven Health" will be available in the near future to visit homes and businesses, especially individuals who cannot leave their home for health improvement or just have a busy lifestyle but want to keep up with their health and fitness.

Mission and Vision Statement


To create a sanctuary of peace and restfulness within each customer by focusing on a balanced body, on the cellular level, inside and out.


To become a globally recognized brand with unparalleled success in helping others, providing unmatched body rejuvenation and therapeutic skincare that creates a balanced body inside and out.

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